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Indoor & Rooftop dining area

Enjoyable & comfortable

Gravity Mantra - Musical Restro Bar
Gravity Mantra - Musical Restro Bar


Warm atmosphere

Enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere in the heart of London. Gravity Mantra offers 50 seating places, surrounding a big fireplace that will make your dining exquisite and enjoyable. Carefully selected music and smart interior design will make you feel like home. Royal home indoor includes a vine cellar. You can taste any vine from our offering in our vine tasting bar. Gravity Mantra can host large groups too, so if you need more seats for your feast simply send us an email, or call us by phone.

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Natural surrounding

Enjoy your dining at gravity Mantra rooftop, surrounded by natural wooden fence and plenty of green. Gravity Mantra offers 72 seating places which can be rearranged for large groups and special events like weddings, corporate parties or baby showers. You can also visit our terrace bar where our professional staff will offer you our best vines or cocktails, according to your wishes.

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Gravity Mantra - Musical Restro Bar